About Us

We, at Click ITS, believe, beyond any doubt, that our success, growth and reputation depend upon the commitment and capabilities of our employees as well as our leaders at every level. Having one shared vision and one shared purpose binds our efforts, challenges our capabilities and provides us with sharp focus and understanding of what we aspire to achieve on a group level.

Yet, focus alone is not enough. It is the means as well as the end. Our sharp focus needs to be crowned with standards of behavior, principles, that guide our efforts as well as guide our individual decisions, both on a daily level as well as on a strategic level, that are congruent with and supportive to the company's vision and objectives. Click ITS is growing in size and thus in responsibility towards all stakeholders including its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders as well as society and environment. It is becoming of crucial importance to act with the energy, coherence and spirit of highly ethical top performing teams.We, at Click ITS are determined to be an exemplary company performing with full power fueled by committed members who believe that Click ITS is not only a place to work in but rather a place where they can fulfill their ambitions and live like a big caring family. It is our intention and only choice to achieve sustained success, through leadership, only to savor a better status to all stakeholders including, as a priority, the communities we work within.

To achieve that, we have together chosen to act and behave based on the following:

Our Mission

Our core purpose is to provide growth, enrichment and fulfillment to our clients as well as to all humans in communities that we work within.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the IT market leader in every market we operate through our uniquely comprehensive product line and distinctive ability to provide innovative integrated IT solutions.

A word about leadership as we understand and as we are determined to achieve:
Leadership means becoming the yardstick for others. This applies both to leaders who can inspire teams and to companies that set standards on the market.We, at Click ITS, aspire to be both.

And by market leadership we visualize our company and its members as having the top rank in:

  • Market share leadership (by volume and by monetary value)
  • Service coverage
  • Service quality
  • Contribution to innovation
  • Customer satisfaction

Our core values

Values are rules for living.They are deeply held beliefs that a certain way of being is preferable to another.
An organization’s values make an open declaration about how it expects everyone in the organization to behave…. the purpose of establishing a set of values is to create a code of behavior that builds a cohesive culture and supports the vision and mission.

The following values capture the spirit and models behavioral competencies about how we aspire to achieve our purpose and vision:

Commitment The power of believing we can

We are committed to exert every effort possible, with integrity and honor, based on sound knowledge and calculated risks, to reach and maintain leadership in every market we operate within. We are committed to comply and cherish our company’s values, vision and purpose in a way that conveys a unified and cohesive image to all our stakeholders.We are committed to ethical behavior, excellence, growth, innovation and initiative.

A staff member who adopts such value;

  1. Keeps promises under any circumstances.
  2. Conforms with and highly respects company values, policies and rules.
  3. Handles company data and knowledge with discretion and confidentiality.
  4. Is highly ethical towards all others. (Confronts potentially unethical behavior – doesn’t look away)
  5. Represents the company in the best way possible under all conditions and circumstances.
  6. Believes in winning and behaves with a winner attitude.
  7. Faces problems and challenges with initiative and innovation.
  8. Contributes, tangibly or intangibly, in helping the company being socially and environmentally responsible.
Teamwork The power of together

The only possible road to sustained success and sustained leadership is the ability to work as one, which only comes if each member favors collective success over his or her own success. Leadership will only come when every member deeply believes that his self respect, self esteem and self actualization are only fulfilled when the whole team is able to win and stand out rather than each one trying to stand out individually.This means that the success of one department is the responsibility of all other departments. All are held accountable. It is the collective success that brings status and recognition to all.

A staff member who adopts such value:

  1. Actively contributes and shares responsibility for results.
    1. Each member has a responsibility to contribute in solving problems that others might face.

      Mistakes are addressed only on a professional level and never on a personal level.
    2. Assists others, whenever possible or whenever have the time, in developing their capabilities and competencies.
  2. Shares relevant information with others in a timely and clear manner, even if not asked to do so, for
    everyone to be able to make informed decisions and efficiently complete their jobs.
  3. Supports decisions involved in, once settled and clarified, regardless of initial position on the matter.
  4. Is responsible and accountable about being aware of his/her value chain performance requirements and performs duties and jobs in manners that keep the whole workflow as smooth, efficient and timely as possible.
Customer centricity and value The power of trust
Customer centricity and value

Without customers, we can’t work.Without satisfied customers we can’t grow. And without their trust we can’t maintain success or the leadership we aspire to have in every market. Customer satisfaction and trust are not expected to come naturally but they are extremely valuable assets that we have to work hard to earn and maintain. Our customers deserve our highest respect, honest advice and best service that only comes by focusing on their needs and attentively listening to their requirements and

A staff member that adopts such value;

  1. Shares relevant information with customers whenever it is essential to keep them informed, satisfied or even delighted.
  2. Acts as an honest advisor for customers whenever it would be in their best interest, even if it does not lead to any direct benefits to the company.
  3. Works on delivering the best value to customers, always with a sense of urgency. Listens actively, assures understanding and demonstrates awareness of slightest inconveniences.
  4. Seeks opportunities to surprise and delight customers.
Employee care and welfare The power of family
Employee care and welfare

Our employees are our core competence and our most important asset. It is the company’s duty to nurture an environment for attracting, keeping and developing talents and caring for them in every way possible as precious family members.

A staff member, particularly a supervisor or manager, that adopts such value;

  1. Treats all members fairly regardless of who they are or who they know.
  2. Encourages initiative and tolerates acts of creativity and innovation that are in the company’s best interests.
  3. Cares for and works on fulfilling employees’ needs and ambitions.
  4. Treats employees as family members. If some employee is not performing his best in some position, keeps trying to fit him in other positions where s/he can be his/her best.
  5. Supports employees and their families through thick and thin.
  6. Fosters talents and highly performing employees in ways that motivate, encourage and develop such talents for both their best interest as well as the company’s best interest.