We are committed to exert every effort possible, with integrity and honor, based on sound knowledge and calculated risks, to reach and maintain leadership in every market we operate within. We are committed to comply and cherish our company's values, vision and purpose in a way that conveys a unified and cohesive image to all our stakeholders.We are committed to ethical behavior, excellence, growth, innovation and initiative. A staff member who adopts such value;
  1. Keeps promises under any circumstances.
  2. Conforms with and highly respects company values, policies and rules.
  3. Handles company data and knowledge with discretion and confidentiality.
  4. Is highly ethical towards all others. (Confronts potentially unethical behavior – doesn't look away)
  5. Represents the company in the best way possible under all conditions and circumstances.
  6. Believes in winning and behaves with a winner attitude.
  7. Faces problems and challenges with initiative and innovation.
  8. Contributes, tangibly or intangibly, in helping the company being socially and environmentally responsible.