Without customers, we can't work.Without satisfied customers we can't grow. And without their trust we can't maintain success or the leadership we aspire to have in every market. Customer satisfaction and trust are not expected to come naturally but they are extremely valuable assets that we have to work hard to earn and maintain. Our customers deserve our highest respect, honest advice and best service that only comes by focusing on their needs and attentively listening to their requirements and aspirations.
A staff member that adopts such value;

  1. Shares relevant information with customers whenever it is essential to keep them informed, satisfied or even delighted.
  2. Acts as an honest advisor for customers whenever it would be in their best interest, even if it does not lead to any direct benefits to the company.
  3. Works on delivering the best value to customers, always with a sense of urgency. Listens actively, assures understanding and demonstrates awareness of slightest inconveniences.
  4. Seeks opportunities to surprise and delight customers.