Our employees are our core competence and our most important asset. It is the company's duty to nurture an environment for attracting, keeping and developing talents and caring for them in every way possible as precious family members.
A staff member, particularly a supervisor or manager, that adopts such value;

  1. Treats all members fairly regardless of who they are or who they know.
  2. Encourages initiative and tolerates acts of creativity and innovation that are in the company's best interests.
  3. Cares for and works on fulfilling employees' needs and ambitions.
  4. Treats employees as family members. If some employee is not performing his best in some position, keeps trying to fit him in other positions where s/he can be his/her best.
  5. Supports employees and their families through thick and thin.
  6. Fosters talents and highly performing employees in ways that motivate, encourage and develop such talents for both their best interest as well as the company's best interest.