Security solutions


A firewall is software/hardware used to maintain the security of a private network. Firewalls block unauthorized access to or from private networks and are often employed to prevent unauthorized Web users or illicit software from gaining access to private networks connected to the Internet. A firewall may be implemented using hardware, software, or a combination of both.
A firewall is recognized as the first line of defense in securing sensitive information. For better safety, the data can be encrypted.

Today’s security threats to commerce and industry highlights the need for more comprehensive and integrated security solutions. We provide the best security solution available including On-site appliance installation and configuration as well as onsite or remote support services.

We offer a High Performance Network Security Platform is suitable for the Core (Firewall Segmentation), The Edge (Next Generation Firewall) and the Access (Unified Threat Management). The Network Operating Systems is flexible enough to allow deployment in Carriers’ Enterprises and Small Businesses

Access Controls:

Access control a is way of limiting access to a system or to physical or virtual resources. In computing, access control is a process by which users are granted access and certain privileges to systems, resources or information.

In access control systems, users must present credentials before they can be granted access. In physical systems, these credentials may come in many forms, but credentials that can’t be transferred provide the most security.

Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance gives you the option to build flexible and custom surveillance systems designed for your site’s unique security needs.

We offer a full line of advanced video surveillance products and services, and we will make every effort to ensure that your equipment works properly and meets your specific video security requirements.